The city paradise

Manageress Viola and gardener Henk together run a garden design store in Amsterdam. Author Jan Schep, himself a gardener and owner of that garden shop, describes their experiences sharp and full of humor in his garden novel “The city paradise”. A fun, entertaining book full of facts and gardening tips.

The book may read like a novel – in between the lines it is full of facts about gardening and advice for your own city garden. Schep writes fluently and with love for his profession. For some, this book will be an abundance of recognition, for others an eye opener.

“The city paradise” offers inspiration for lovers of greenery and garden experience. The light illustrations by André Veen and Geeske van Donselaar and the personal poems and tips of the author complete the book.

Jan Schep works as a gardener, poet and designer of applied garden art. And all that out of garden design store Dubbelgroen in Amsterdam.

From the press: “A smoothly written book by an obvious craftsman, with poems and playful illustrations. Reads like a novel, but in between the lines it is full of tried and tested facts about gardening and advice for your own city garden. About designing a planting plan, ecological gardening, hard materials, pruning, window gardening, edible walls, overgrown lampposts and everything about ‘urban’ plants, trees and shrubs – with a top ten. ”- Mirjam Steiner, Groei & Bloei

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