Planting and maintenance

Jan Schep has more than 30 years of experience as a gardener and specializes in the small garden.

He’s the ideal partner for any changes you’d like to your city garden, facade garden, balcony or roof garden, but also for design, planting and alteration, such as a patio, pergola or children’s playground.

This way a balcony can also become your own forest

Both planting and maintenance can take place in collaboration with the client. You will then receive an on-site explanation about, for example, pruning and winterizing, sowing, planting and periodic maintenance.

Larger gardens, of more than 100 square meters, are laid out in collaboration with a recognized gardener company. Jan Schep can mediate for you and monitor the quality of the work.

Maintenance of a garden is possible all year round. Jan Schep can do pruning, transplanting or summer and winter maintenance for you. It takes just one morning for your garden to have a cheerful and tidy character again.

Rate: € 55.00 per hour (excl. VAT) For a no-obligatory consultation, please visit the garden design store Dubbelgroen in Amsterdam.